Amphitryon - Sommerspiele Perchtoldsdorf

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July 2024


A Piece of World Literature

In 1807, Heinrich von Kleist transforms Molière's comedy about a popular theme from Greek mythology into a multifaceted comedy. "Amphitryon" guarantees an evening of theater full of tragedy and comedy, focusing entirely on sensuality and art as a mediator between people. Kleist's story of adultery between gods and humans evolves into a game of confused identities, transporting the audience to a world where the boundaries between the divine and the human blur.


The play raises madly funny and eerie questions: What do reason, feelings, and senses tell us about who we are and what we feel? Are we as unique as we believe, or can a clever double replace us just like that?


"Amphitryon" encourages us to confidently deal with our own feelings, longings, and desires. It is both world literature and a cleverly humorous "game of pleasure."

Program and cast

Jakob Seeböck

Jupiter & Amphitryon


Gregor Seberg

Sosias & Merkur


Larissa Fuchs



Daniela Golpashin



Kajetan Dick

Mirror Figure: Mercury & Sosias


Miguel Àngel Collado

Mirror Figure/Dance: Jupiter & Amphitryon

Perchtoldsdorf Castle

The medieval castle of Perchtoldsdorf with its spacious courtyard is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful evening at the theatre. In its more than 40-year-old tradition, the Perchtoldsdorf Summer Games have not only shaped the cultural identity of Perchtoldsdorf, they have also become a piece of theatre history of the province of Lower Austria. The new large castle hall guarantees a continuous performance since 2010.

The combination of open-air and new hall makes the Summer Games Perchtoldsdorf a very special venue: rainproof, elegant, best infrastructure and service, sufficient parking spaces. And all this directly in front of the gates of Vienna, also easily accessible for the public.

Perchtoldsdorf Castle is something very special and therefore the castle also plays an important role in the programme of the Perchtoldsdorf Summer Games: The castle as a genius loci, be it the Castle of Elsinore in "Hamlet", the Acropolis in "Lysistrate", the Castle Fores of Macbeth or in 2013, in the "Revisor", the palace of the City Captain Anton Antonowitsch.

In 2014 the castle had to pass the acid test in "Käthchen von Heilbronn", in 2015 Prospero's boat ran aground in a "storm" when crossing the former moat, in 2016 the forest of the Midsummer Night's Dream was conjured up from nowhere in front of the public and in 2017 the noblewoman Minna von Barnhelm will be accommodated in the old walls.

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