Angela Gheorghiu - Gala Concert

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January 1970

One of the most popular classical music programs of the Budapest Summer Festival, a gala series featuring world star opera singers this year will feature Angela Gheorghiu , a Romanian-born star who arrives with the most popular and fascinating arias of opera literature.

One of the most beautiful and temperamental lyrical sopranos of our time has a very strong dramatic sense, a real diva whose heart is close to romantic, strong female roles. He made his debut as a Mimic of Bohemian Life at the Royal Opera House in London, but his real popularity came in the mid-nineties with the role of Traviata's Violet. Millions of people have watched the BBC's recording of the show, making it one of the best-selling classical music sensations of the year. The conductor, Sir George Solti, recalled working together: “I had to go out because I was tearing. This girl is wonderful, she can do everything! ”

Gheorghiu has worked with leading contemporaries, opera directors, conductors and musical majors such as Placido Domingo, Jonas Kauffman, Bryn Terfel, Ruggero Raimondi, and after his divorce, he played with his former regular partner Roberto Alagna. He is a regular guest at the world's most prestigious opera houses and concert halls, but sang at the Michael Jackson concert in Munich, the reign of Elizabeth Elisabeth, Beatrix in front of Dutch and Sophia, the Nobel Peace Prize winner in Oslo, the Beijing Olympics and Romania's EU accession. His qualities have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, honors, invitations and entries.

The singer's irresistible iridescence is admired not only by the profession and the audience, but also by Concerto Budapest musicians and conductor András Keller , who performed at an opera gala in Shanghai in the fall and enjoyed a stormy success.

Program and cast

Featuring: Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: András Keller

Margaret Island

Margaret Island provides a peaceful hideaway from hectic downtown Budapest with large green areas, flowery gardens, old trees, and lots of entertainment.

The festival program on Margaret island is rich and diverse: concerts, musicals, dance shows, theatrical performances for children and adults, comedies at three venues:


  • Open-Air Theater in Városmajor (Buda) – venue for many children programs
  • the Open-Air Theater on Margaret Island (trams 4 and 6, Margitsziget stop) and
  • the Water Tower on Margaret Island.
Majtényi Mihály,
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