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On 6 October 1600 Florence witnessed the birth of musical opera. In celebration of the royal wedding of Maria de’ Medici and Henry IV of France, the Palazzo Pitti theatre saw the staging ofErudice, the first musical drama for which the complete score still exists. The words, written by the poet Ottavio Rinuccini, were inspired by the myth of  Orpheus and Euridice. Jacopo Peri and Giulio Caccini, musicians from the Medici entourage, quickly ‘dressed’ the words with music, in accordance with the new style of recitar cantando, which called for the total adhesion of vocal intonation to the stresses in the text and the inflections of speech. As it was an opera to celebrate a wedding, Rinuccini liberally altered the story, creating a happy ending in which the bride and groom, reunited, are accompanied by a joyful choir of nymphs and shepherds. The rest is history. From that moment, the opera that was created to celebrate a dynastic event, became an art form favoured for its multiple roles; the celebration of power, an instrument for ideological mobilisation and, last but not least, collective entertainment.

Program and cast

Conductor: Federico Maria Sardelli

Director: Davide Garattini Raimondi

Principal interpreters: Roberta Mameli, Mauro Borgioni, Alberto Allegrezza, Riccardo Pisani, Paolo Fanciullacci, Francesca Boncompagni, Marco Scavazza

New installation

Orchestra Modo Antiquo

Teatro Goldoni Venice

The Teatro Goldoni (formerly Teatro San Luca, Teatro Vendramin di San Salvatore) is one of the opera houses and theatres of Venice. Today it is the home of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto. The modern theatre is located near the Rialto Bridge in the historic center of Venice.

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