Ghost Trio

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January 1970

Psychedelic visions were no invention of the 20th century. Even in Mozart’s day the audience went wild when they heard the mesmeric sounds of the glass harmonica, as invented by Benjamin Franklin. Mozart dedicated his last chamber music work to this instrument, the atmospheric sound of which reminded his contemporaries of whispering ghosts, just like the Adagio in Beethoven’s “Ghost Trio”. An evening with Viennese classical chamber music from the realm of ghosts and dreams.

Program and cast

Joseph Haydn: Piano Trio in E flat minor, Hob. XV:31, “Jacob’s Dream”
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Adagio and Rondo, K 617 for glass harmonica etc. / Adagio for glass harmonica in C major, K 356 / Piano Quartet in G minor, K 478
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Trio in D minor, op. 70/1, “Ghost Trio”

Maria Beatrice Cantelli, flute
Fritz Kircher, violin
Axel Kircher, viola
Luis Zorita, violoncello
Christa Schönfeldinger, glass harmonica
Florian Birsak, fortepiano

Eggenberg Castle

The monumental Schloss Eggenberg, embedded in a spacious park, is the most important castle complex of Styria. As it is modeled on the Spanish Escorial it is at the same time an impressive representation building and an complex allegory of the universe.

Already in the 15th century, the wealthy Eggenberg dynasty owned a large estate in the west of the city of Graz which rose to new splendour around 1600 under Ruprecht von Eggenberg, „Conqueror of the Turks“, and the diplomat Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg, friend and First Minister of Emperor Ferdinand II. Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg, who was awarded the title of Imperial Prince and installed as Govenor of Inner Austria, commissioned the court architect Giovanni Pietro de Pomis to convert the medieval building into an imperial residence.

Getting there:

by public transport:

    Tram line 1 in direction Eggenberg/UKH, stop: Schloss Eggenberg or
    Tram line 7 in direction Wetzelsdorf, stop: Eggenberger Allee

by bike-rikscha: Graz Rikscha
    with the taxi company: 878

by car:
    Parking is available around the castle in the short term parking zone.

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