La Fura dels Baus & Divine Mysteria: Free Bach 212

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January 1970

World famous company for the first time on Margaret Island!

Timeless enjoyment, burlesque and comedy, social criticism, and an appeal to worldly pleasures - all together, at first glance, may seem very distant from the musical expression of the old days, but in La Fura dels Baus' performances, the various artistic and musical styles, intersecting paths merge into one swing.

Bach's last known cantata is an excellent example of how a variety of new expressions can be created from the meeting of different expressions. The peasant cantata first appeared in a castle in 1742, featuring a landlord and a tax collector who climbed the ladder of power. He praises but also criticizes the structure and functioning of this world. Songs and dances combine motifs of noble voices, veiled temptations, worldly pleasures. After about 277 years, Bach gives us a hand and sits at our table. The cantata ends at the pub, where beer brings the participants together. Enjoyment served.

The La Fura dels Baus and Divine Mysteria novel, interdisciplinary approach to create a whole new vision, a new report which provides for a modern audience. In all their tastes, today's tools: electronic music, multimedia visuals and flamenco give birth to contemporary poetry, and the joy of movement without obstacles and barriers shows the integral and eternal essence of the Peasant Cantata. The performance pays tribute to the genius of Johann Sebastian Bach at the Open Air Theater on the 270th anniversary of the composer's death.

Program and cast

Directed , Idea and Screenplay: Miki Espuma and David Cid
Music Directed by Pavel Amilcar Thor Jorgen and Miki Espuma

Margaret Island

Margaret Island provides a peaceful hideaway from hectic downtown Budapest with large green areas, flowery gardens, old trees, and lots of entertainment.

The festival program on Margaret island is rich and diverse: concerts, musicals, dance shows, theatrical performances for children and adults, comedies at three venues:


  • Open-Air Theater in Városmajor (Buda) – venue for many children programs
  • the Open-Air Theater on Margaret Island (trams 4 and 6, Margitsziget stop) and
  • the Water Tower on Margaret Island.
Majtényi Mihály,
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