Midsummer Night

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January 1970

A long midsummer night of drama and music

The programme will be walked through in six stages (in all weathers), ending at 0:30am, with a meditative nocturnal experience to follow (weather permitting) and a tasty breakfast to finish at 5am.

Program and cast

Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ensemble Ulda    
Arianna Savall & , voice and harp
Petter U. Johansen, tenor, Hardangerfiedel & Cister
Citoller Tanzgeiger    
Raphael Meinhart & Freunde , percussion
Bertl Mütter, trombone
a. o.   

Styriarte - The Styrian Festival

The styriarte 2019 will go with its guests to (Ovid's) "Transformations" and draw its motto from the highlight of the festival, the opera "Dafne in Lauro" by the most important Austrian baroque master Johann Joseph Fux.

The styriarte, the Styrian festival for classical music, celebrates transformation, change and variation in 2019. In 2019, what makes our lives exciting will flow through a festival of 32 projects with a total of 45 performances.



Helmut List Hall
Waagner-Biro-Strasse 98a, 8020 Graz
Casemate stage 
Graz Castle Hill, 8010 Graz

Minorite Hall
Mariahilferplatz 3, 8020 Graz

Palais Attems
Sackstraße 17, 8010 Graz

Parish church Pöllau
Castle 1 A, 8225 Pöllau

Parish church Stainz
Schlossplatz 5, 8510 Stainz

Eggenberg Castle
Eggenberger Allee 90, 8020 Graz
Stainz Castle
Schlossplatz 5, 8510 Stainz
Stefania Hall
Congress Graz, Sparkassenplatz 1
Stift Rein
Rein 1, 8103 Rein 


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