The Night

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January 1970

Anonymous: The Nightingale, The Dark is My Delight, Estas noches tan largas
Anthony Holborne: The Night Watch / Lullaby (Galliard)
Antonio de Cabezón: Folia (Pavana con su Glosa)
Giovanni M. Trabacci: Durezze e ligature / Vincenzo Ruffo: La Gamba
Anonymous: Saltarello / Anonymous (Louis XIII.): Muzette (“Ma Mignonne”) / Branle & Galliarde / Les Ombres / Bourrée d’Avignonez
Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Nuit / Anonymous: Libertas / Luigi Rossi: Fantaisie “Les Pleurs d’Orphée” / Anonymous: Sarabande Italienne
Samuel Scheidt: Pavan Dolorosa / “Ludi Musici”: Courant Dolorosa / Allemande / Galliard
Biagio Marini: Passacaglio / Improvisation: Canarios / Antonio Valente: Galliarda Napolitana

Hespèrion XXI (Gambenconsort)
Direction: Jordi Savall    

The viola da gamba might justifiably be called a nocturnal instrument due to its silvery sound and muted strings. Jordi Savall has been the undisputed master of the instrument for half a century now. He, if anybody, knows how to evoke the nightly qualities in consort music.

Program and cast

Styriarte - The Styrian Festival

The styriarte 2019 will go with its guests to (Ovid's) "Transformations" and draw its motto from the highlight of the festival, the opera "Dafne in Lauro" by the most important Austrian baroque master Johann Joseph Fux.

The styriarte, the Styrian festival for classical music, celebrates transformation, change and variation in 2019. In 2019, what makes our lives exciting will flow through a festival of 32 projects with a total of 45 performances.



Helmut List Hall
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Casemate stage 
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Eggenberg Castle
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Stainz Castle
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Stift Rein
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