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The Bird Seller - Moerbish Festival 2017 tickets

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The Bird Seller - Moerbish Festival 2017

Venue: Seebühne Mörbisch - Mörbisch Am See

Seebühne Mörbisch
Seebad 1
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Composer: Carl Zeller



Act 1

The Burgermeister is at his wit's end because he cannot supply the Elector with the wild boar and the ceremonial maiden required to perform during an upcoming festival. A waitress suggests that Christel, the postal clerk, might be willing to volunteer to be the ceremonial maiden because she is promised to Adam, a bird-seller from the Tyrol, who cannot afford to move into her community to forward their engagement. Wishing to please Christel, Adam offers Weps a yellow adult bird from the Tyrol as a bribe toward being considered for an in-town work assignment. Meanwhile, Stanislaus, a guards officer, is attempting to get out of debt. When the Hunt Master finds out that the Elector will not be coming to the festival, he is greedy for the purse which the Elector has sent to use as an honorarium to pay the ceremonial maiden. Stanislau suggests that he impersonate the Elector.

Electress-Princess Marie arrives in disguise with Adelaide because she believes that the Elector is coming to the festival for no other reason than to be alone with the ceremonial maiden. Christel tells Adam that she plans to petition the Court to find him employment so that he can move here to forward their engagement. Adam, believing that a Tyrolean man bears the sole responsibility to fight his own fight to be able to support the wife he has chosen, asks her not to do this. Christel ends up in the pavilion with Stanislaus, believing him to be the Elector. Adam arrives at the festival to find the Hunt Master and the Burgomeister informing him that Christel is the ceremonial maiden and is therefore not in the crowd. Marie, hoping to save Adam from embarrassment, offers him the bouquet of roses which she has brought in case her plan to become the ceremonial maiden, thus catching her husband, inflagrante, works out. Adam, thinking of his own Tyrolen behavior code, somehow believes himself to have been promised to Marie and Christel to have been promised to the Elector. He publicly breaks off his engagement to Christel.


Act 2

The Hunt Master, who is Stanislaus' uncle, wonders about a scandal about to break because Adam and Christel have arrived at the Palace at cross-purposes, while Stanislaus may still be impersonating the Elector. Christel manages to get permission from Marie to find Adam a job at Court. An examination is arranged for Adam's job interview, conducted by two comical professors. Adelaide asks the Hunt Master to arrange a marriage between herself and Stanislaus, whom she adores, Stanislaus, still pretending to be the Elector, continues to pursue Christel, who complains to Marie. Marie works out a scheme with Adam and Christel to identify the unknown individual who is still impersonating the Elector. She invites Adam to bring his Tyrolean friends to entertain at Court. Under the guise of proposing a toast, Adam manages to get around to all concerned to inform them that Christel will ring a small bell when she identifies the unknown individual who may still be impersonating the Elector.

When the Hunt Master announces the wedding of Adelaide and Stanislaus, Christel identifies Stanislaus as the impostor. When Marie chides Stanisslaus for behavior unbecoming an officer and chooses Adam as the person to pass judgement because Adam was the one who suffered most because of his prank, Adam announces to the Court that he believes Stanislaus to have already made a legitimate offer of marriage to Christel. Stanislaus answers him in gentlemanly fashion by formally proposing to Christel. When Christel tells Adam that she is still promised only to him, Adam again formally rejects her, so Christel decides to accept Stanislaus' proposal. Adelaide, still unsure why there was an objection to her marriage because her groom had already promised himself to another, collapses.


Act 3

The Hunt Master, who has always adored Adelaide, sets things right by proposing to her and encouraging her to accept. Christel confronts Stanislaus and convinces both Adam and Stanislaus that women always have the upper hand in matters of love. Marie wonders why those below her in rank are finding true happiness while she can only fantasize about her own happiness.

In a warmth of cross-cultural friendship and understanding, the Tyroleans encourage the aristocrats of the Court to dance with them at the union of Adam and Christel while Adam extends to his new neighbors a warm greeting in his own Tyrolean dialect.

Seebühne Mörbisch - Mörbisch Am See

The lake stage is embedded within the “Neusiedlersee National Park”, at the edge of the Hungarian lowlands, where the landscape appears graceful and endless, and shows off its unique flora and fauna – truly a jewel of nature.

The stands have space for 6200 visitors, but no matter which row you select, all festival guests have an excellent view not only of the action on the stage but also of the Hungarian landscape.

The stands are surrounded by speakers mounted at a height of 8 - 14 m, which use world-class sound technology to impart spatial information using a special simulation system: if the singer moves, his voice appears to move with him, making the auditory signal comparable with that in an enclosed room.




To make your journey to and from the Seefestspiele Mörbisch as pleasant as possible, and to prevent potential traffic jams at St. Margarethen, we recommend using the following routes:




Vienna via A2/A3 to Eisenstadt - Eisenstadt Ost exit- B50 direction Neusiedl am See - in Schützen am Gebirge turn right towards Oggau - Rust - Mörbisch.


Wien via A4 - Neusiedl / See exit (Seefestspiele Mörbisch signposted) - Jois - Winden - Breitenbrunn - Purbach - after Donnerskirchen left towards Oggau - Rust - Mörbisch



Wr. Neustadt exit, via S4 and S3-1 direction Eisenstadt, Eisenstadt Süd exit to Mörbisch (total approx. 180 km)



There is sufficient FREE parking DIRECTLY at the festival area.

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