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Season in Salzburg tickets

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Season in Salzburg
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The changing history of the Hotel Zum Salzburger Nockerl is told in this musical review. This operetta represents an exceedingly successful, charming counterpart to the singing game IM WEISSEN RÖSSL: Steffi Oberfellner fights for the hotel possession of her uncle and gets into amorous entanglements with the racing driver Frank Rex, who has won the place, but by Erika Dahlmann , The daughter of a car tire manufacturer. If Toni Haberl, the owner of the Gasthof Blauen Enzian, who was also behind the "Salzburger Nockerl" with the flour dish of the hotel Mirabell Vroni Staudinger "makes a kuddel, kuddel, kuddelmuddel", "and the musi" , Is provided for turbulence and mood.

Program details

Musical direction: Marius Burkert
Director + lighting design: Gernot Kranner
Choreography: Fernando Chefalo
Set and costumes: Alexia Redl
Chore study: Gerald Krammer

Alois Oberfellner, host of "Salzburger Nockerl": Alois Walchshofer
Steffi, his niece: Monika Rebholz
Vroni Staudinger, flour-dish at the hotel "Mirabell": Theresa Grabner
Erika Dahlmann: Adelheid Brandstetter
Christian Dahlmann, her father and owner of a car tire factory: Paul Schmitzberger
Frank Rex, a racing driver: Alexander Kaimbacher
Olga Rex, owner of the Rex Autofabrik, his aunt: Uschi Plautz
Toni Haberl, owner of the inn "Zum Blauen Enzian": Thomas Zisterer
Friedrich Wilhelm Knopp, mechanic at Rex: NN
Max Liebling, Perfume Factory from Switzerland: August Schram

Franz Lehár - orchestra
Choir and Ballet of the Lehár Festival Bad Ischl

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