Miles Gloriosus (The Swaggering Soldier)

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June 2024

Pirgopolinice, a magnificent self-promoter of his own military and romantic exploits, is bolstered in his boasts by a servant-parasite. Another servant, the ingenious Palestrione, narrates the backstory of the affair, and how he ended up in the soldier's house to protect a young woman, betrothed to his master and kidnapped by the soldier. The young man reaches the captive fiancée through a wall pierced by the ingenious servant between the soldier's house and that of a neighboring friend. A great prank is finally played by the servant, the young man, and the neighbor, with two disguised prostitutes, at the expense of the braggart, who ends up surrounded, mocked, and threatened with castration. (200 B.C.E).

Program and cast

Work by | Plautus
Direction | Leo Muscato
Translation | Caterina Mordeglia

Greek Theatre of Syracuse

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